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Recommended by the hotel: the nature of Numana and the Conero

Stay at il Conero Mare hotel in Numana and experience the Conero in the best possible way

Breathtaking natural beauty, cultural destinations just a stone's throw from the spectacular sea, exciting sports activities and close contact with nature: there's always something to do during your holiday in Numana at Il Conero Mare hotel. Nature plays a dominant role in all activities recommended by our hotel in Numana, serving as the perfect backdrop to your days, whether you choose to spend them in total relaxation or performing energetic sporting activities.

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Sport at the Conero: mountain

The plant life and formation of the Conero Park makes it perfect for numerous sporting activities in close contact with nature: the mountain which dives into the sea is not only an enviable panoramic element, but is also a place where exciting excursions can be experienced.

Conero pathways

For those who love taking walks, it will be wonderful to do so arriving at the most suggestive locations along the coast of the Conero. The pathways of the Conero are all different, suitable for all types of levels and with varying lengths, allowing you to choose whether to take an intense adventure or a pleasant walk in a full immersion experience with nature. Ask the hotel staff for more information!

Trekking, nordic walking, mountain biking, horse riding

Trekking and nordic walking, actively involving both the body and mind, find their perfect home up the slopes and descents of Mount Conero, and are in fact very common sports in this area, all throughout the year. Let yourself be guided along a cultural tour of your surrounding environment, as a supplement to your sporting adventures.

Animal lovers will be able to get up close and personal with nature, travelling along specific pathways on horseback: your journey will be transformed into a unique moment in complete harmony with the surrounding landscape! There are lots of horse riding centres that offer this opportunity, ask staff at Il Conero Mare hotel for more information!

And last but not least, those who wish to enjoy the magnificent views from the Conero by mountain bike, can enjoy special pathways suitable for either adventure riding or excursions with the family..

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Sport al Conero: sea

We have already seen a detailed description of all the beaches recommended by our Hotel, from Numana to all the other magnificent slopes of Mount Conero, but beach activities are not limited to sun baking and cooling off in the crystal clear water.

Inflatable boat excursions

Many beaches, bays and caverns are impossible to visit except by sea, so if you don't want to miss out on some of the most characteristic locations of the Conero Park, take a boat excursion and admire all the hidden treasures of the Riviera. Ask Il Conero Mare hotel staff for all types of information!


During the summer season, is there anything better than experiencing the sea through a group sailing trip along the beautiful Conero Riviera? Don't miss the opportunity to learn how to sail and admire the fantastic beaches and coves of the Conero from a different point of view, enjoying moments of pure relaxation without missing out on a close-up experience with nature. Hotel staff will provide you with the best recommendations and all the information you need.


Allow yourself to be tempted by the curiosity of discovering the underwater world! Along the Conero coastline, on the Adriatic sea, the sea bottom is characterised by a typical habitat, rich in flora and fauna. Each rock is a small world inhabited by fish, sponges, crustaceans and molluscs, all waiting to be discovered. When you take a snorkelling excursion, you can discover the hidden wonders of the underwater world thanks to the simple help of a mask and flippers. And if your curiosity heightens, all you'll need is an oxygen tank and supplier to experience an even "deeper" underwater experience!

Hotel Numana

hotel numana

Numana, a gracious town situated within the Conero Park, is the ideal place to enjoy a relaxing and fun holiday, surrounded by fabulous scenery

Numana beaches are set apart by their cleanliness and excellent services, just some of the many reasons they have been awarded the European Blue Flag for many years running. The esplanade, which winds from the small port until Marcelli, makes it possible for all hotel guests to enjoy peaceful walks along the beach, or a bike ride along the cycling track, with bikes provided by Il Conero Mare hotel.

Divided into Numana Alta, the most ancient part of the city, and Numana Bassa, including the port and foreshore, the city is a small and characteristic village. Lose yourself in the maze of small streets and colourful fisherman's homes and savour the maritime panorama of the beautiful view across the sea. Must sees: the Torre, the last remaining medieval ruin in the city, an archway whose meaning and origins are unknown, and the Costarella, an ancient alleyway with a stairway lined by the old colourful homes of fisherman, a symbol of the city and during the summer months, a stage for outdoor painting exhibitions.

Discover Numana when you stay at our hotel, Il Conero Mare!

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  1. Tutti i giorni pranzo e cena di pesce sul mare
    Ogni giorno assaporate un menu di pesce differente, fresco e incluso nella mezza pensione o in quella completa - Siamo attenti a tutte le intolleranze e scelte alimentari!
  2. Benefit esclusivi
    Cocktail di benvenuto a scelta; in camera cialde del caffè
  3. Colazione top
    Sempre compresa nella mezza pensione: salati artigianali, dolci con crema pasticciera e nutella, caffè, cappuccino e spremute come preferisci
  4. Pacchetto special kids
    Seggiolini, lettini con spondine, parco giochi in spiaggia, bici con seggiolini, gelato artigianale per bambini, il nostro chef è a disposizione per la preparazione di minestrine vegetali per il tuo bimbo. L'hotel è direttamente sulla spiaggia!
  5. Pet Friendly
    Accettiamo il tuo amico a 4 zampe, anche al ristorante! Gli animali non possono accedere in spiaggia ma in Riviera del Conero troverai molte spiagge dedicate a loro.

  • seafront
  • spiaggia privata
  • free wi-fi
  • free shuttle service
  • free bike hire
  • children's play area
  • restaurant
  • air conditioning
  • children up to 6 years stay free
  • notebooks available
  • parking
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